The Power of Keeping a Journal

As a therapist I am always honored when a client chooses to work with me.  I work tirelessly to stay current on issues and information  to bring the best therapeutic techniques to my practice.

With new developments and new theories always being brought to light, one constant that has stood the test of time is maintaining a journal.  When working and/or living in New York City, life can seem a bit hectic.  A journal can be a place you sort out your thoughts, dreams, and areas of your life that you want to work on.

A journal is a way to organize your thoughts and find clarity when your head is spinning.  A good friend of mine puts circles in her journal for the areas of her life that seem to be causing her stress.  This type of mind mapping works well for her.  A client of mine writes lists, lots and lots of lists.  Others just write in paragraphs about their feelings and emotions.
In your journal you can keep a running diary of happenings, thoughts and emotions for us to talk about during our work together.  When we meet you will want to share all that has happened in your life since we last sat down and some details are particularly important.   Writing down your feelings and thoughts may allow you to recapture the moment so that we can better process what has happened to you.

We live in a very busy world and you may want a bit of private space that is only yours.  You may be married, have children, and a very busy career.  Going from home to office and home again at night may put you on interaction overload with your “space” constantly being invaded by others.  A journal can be the space where your privacy lives.

Track the progress we make
When you work with me, you will start to feel better just because you made the important step of finding help.  You may want to keep a list of things to do, that you have done, or interesting ideas.  Even if you are not comfortable with the idea of writing, just keeping a space for your accomplishments can be phenomenal way to track and reflect on at later points.

What a journal should look like?
The most important part of selecting a journal is to make sure you are comfortable with it.  I have clients who use a regular notebook, others who purchase a leather bound scratch book, and some who prefer to use their computer (word document or online diary).

Not sure where to begin to establish a journal?  No problem.  We can talk about it during our time together and find a situation you find most comfortable for your private thoughts and dreams.

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