New Year – New You – Beating Depression

This time of year is when New Year’s resolutions are made.  Many individuals want to lose weight, adjust their attitude, find a better job, or move.  For individuals suffering from depression, they just want to start to feel a little better and are nervous about not beating their depression.  How that is going to work and where the daily strength will come from can be a little difficult.  Working closely together, we can start to change your mindset and give you the tools you need to build your life.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Start to meditate – it can be quite a challenge to quiet your mind spend a few minutes in peace.  Often our minds are racing and we are constantly thinking of the myriad of things we need to do.  However, taking some time to sit in peace and reflect on all that we have can not only be therapeutic but transformational.
  2. Journal – putting pen to paper can allow your brain to organize thoughts and feelings. Rather than keep it all bottled up inside it can be helpful to let it all out.
  3. Join a gym or exercise group – healthy body and healthy mind – our physical and mental worlds do work together.  Exercise and eating right can get your body operating at maximum capacity. And regularly exercising, even if it is just walking for 20 minutes outside gives your mind time to unwind a bit.
  4. Get out regularly – we were lucky this year the weather was so warm and we could spend so much time outside because it was pleasant.  Now, we see the cold air has arrived and it might take motivation to get you out of the house.  Enlist the help of a friend to go to dinner on a regular basis.  You could also take a class on something that interests you (try photography or cooking).  Attend lectures or tours at one of the city’s many art museums.

When you suffer from anxiety and depression you face a set of challenges but also opportunities.  Overcoming your tendency to allow nervousness and sadness is very empowering and we can work together to make that happen for you.


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