Getting Outside with the Baby in NYC

You have a new baby in NYC and you have been going crazy in your apartment.  The weather is just starting to show signs of spring now that we are in May!  There are many resources out there with information on baby friendly places in Manhatten.  Here are a few suggestions you can use when it is time to get out and get moving!

Just about every New Yorker loves to walk (mostly out of necessity)  and with so many beautiful options you should put this at the top of your list.  Take a stroll on one of the paths in Central Park and do not forget about the zoo.  If the weather is iffy you can even stroll around a museum – the Met has so many wonderful exhibits and big open areas for strollers.

You may think that now you are a parent with a young child your days of dining out are over – not so!  In fact dining out at the right place and time can be the perfect scenario for parents who want to reconnect, not cook and clean-up, and of course…just get out of the house!  While dinners at a romantic restaurant are probably not a good idea with your baby, you can try places like outdoor cafes, and other family friendy establishments in your area.

On beautiful days you can get out your stroller and set your course for a new part of the city.  If you have never taken the time to roam around Battery Park now is a great time to get to know that area.  Get over and walk on the High Line or stroll down streets in The Village you have never visited.  You never know what you will find!

Getting our regularly with your new baby is important.  While your whole life has changed it does not mean that you can not enjoy our city.  You and your partner will enjoy exploring the city as a new large family of three and learn about so many new places you never knew existed.


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