The Pros and Cons of Fertility Drugs

Infertility is being unable to naturally conceive a child after regular, unprotected sexual intercourse for over one year. Many couples who hope to become parents are diagnosed with infertility. The causes and treatments are many and couples face a number of possible interventions and choices that can be overwhelming and confusing.

One option may be the use of fertility drugs.  As with any medication or medical procedure, there can also be some side-effects or unintended consequences.  

  • Fertility drugs release hormones that induce ovulation to increase egg production and make the uterus more receptive to embryo implantation.
  • The use of fertility drugs may be a viable option for women who don’t ovulate regularly. There are many factors that influence the effectiveness of fertility drugs such as damaged or blocked fallopian tubes or scarring from endometriosis. A possible next step, should the drugs not lead to pregnancy, is in vitro fertilization.
  • Fertility drugs are very effective in helping women become pregnant but there still remains a significant number of individuals who are unable to conceive.
  • Costs can vary widely, depending on the form and whether blood tests and ultrasounds are included. If you have health insurance these drugs may be covered.
  • The pros are that these drugs are normally the first choice in fertility treatment due to their low cost and relative convenience.
  • The cons are possible side effects including bloating, headaches, hot flashes and nausea  and the possibility of multiple births and premature delivery.

I help couples coping with infertility issues. They can benefit from a holistic approach to achieving the desired goal of having a child. I educate couples so they can learn about the diagnosis of infertility and develop the skills and coping strategies that are needed on the journey to becoming a parent. If you have any questions or are seeking help during this challenging time, I can help you. Please contact me today.

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