How Do I Find the Right Fertility Clinic?

If you’ve decided it’s time to contact a fertility specialist in order to become pregnant, start by doing some thinking and homework. It is important to spend the time and energy to find a clinic that’s a good fit and gives you the best chances of becoming pregnant.  There are many options here in NYC, from clinics to doctors offices.  While the goal of each is the same, to achieve a pregnancy, there are differences that may be important to you.  

Before you start your doctor or clinic search, consider the following:

  • Infertility treatments can be very expensive, as they may or may not be covered by insurance.
  • The use of hormone drugs can produce varying physical and emotional side effects.
  • Be mindful of your emotional, practical and financial limits as there are many options to engage in that can occur over months and years.

Two resources you can use to find information on a clinic near you is a database maintained by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

  • They contain the success rates of fertility centers throughout the U.S.
  • Look for the most updated outcome statistics.
  • Explore the history of the clinic and look for any major changes that may have affected the functioning of the facility.
  • The database and ASRM are good places to start but don’t make decisions based strictly on the statistics. It is important to honor how you feel during your review process.

If you schedule a visit, prepared yourself with a list of questions. You need to find a place with good quality control and strong ethics.

  • How long has the medical director, doctors and technicians worked there? 
  • Which procedures do they perform? How often? Find a clinic with a range of infertility practices and techniques using the latest technology.
  • Do they limit treatment based on age? If so, find out their rationale.
  • Fertilization outside the body involves making a choice as to how many eggs get fertilized and how many get placed back in the body. Find out if there are limitations and if you are able to collaborate on the amount.
  • What are the costs? You may not want to choose strictly on cost but be aware of the costs before starting so that you can make an educated decision.

Undergoing fertility treatments can be a long and stressful process. I help couples and individuals who find themselves on this journey, develop the skills and coping mechanisms that are necessary as they try to conceive a child. If you’re in the New York City area and have any questions or want help contact our office today.

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