Reconnect with Your Spouse In New York City

In this busy city of ours it is easy to lose your way as a couple.  You both run around managing work and kids (school, activities, play dates) and it can often be hard to find time to reconnect with your parter.  Having regular time together is critical for not losing the connection within your relationship.  This goes beyond meeting on the sofa when the house is quiet to binge watch Netflix – doing that is a wonderful way to relax.  It is important to get out of your usual habits and rediscover each other.

If you are looking for a great date night here in NYC, here are some suggestions – some are even free!

  1. Have a dinner date – remember those?   In New York City there are so many options based on your taste, style and of course, budget.  We have the finest restaurants and the best pizza in the world  – something for everyone!
  2. Take a walk around Central Park or on the High Line – there is always something new to see and talk about.  Just hold hands, stroll along and see where the time and conversation takes you. It is also nice not to talk at all but to just be together.
  3. Do something new that you can only do in winter – like ice skating! Both Wolman Rink to Rockefeller Center are easy to get to.
  4. Visit a museum – there are of course the standard museums – MOMA, the Met, but also find the unusual ones that pop up around town for a short time.
  5. Do a Google search for adventures you might never even knew existed such as rock climbing, archery, bread baking, etc.
  6. Get out of the neighborhood – take the tram over to Roosevelt Island, visit the Brooklyn or Bronx Botanical Gardens, or walk around Governors Island.

When you have children it can be hard to add in the extra time required to vet and get a babysitter.  Just keep in mind that it is worth the effort.  Exchange babysitting nights with another couple or if available, ask family members if they would be willing to be with your kids.  Remember, life can be much easier when you have help from people you trust.

The most important part of time spent together outside of the usual routine is to reconnect with your spouse.  Take time to talk about what is working in your relationship and also what you can work on together. You may be amazed by your parter when you experience something new with them. It is important to recognize the many dimensions that exist in your spouse that often go unnoticed during the daily grind of a busy life in New York.

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