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Coping with Infertility

There are so many facets when dealing with infertility that can leave you feeling emotionally overwhelmed.  There is the medical/financial side of the issue with doctors appointments and insurance…then you have well intentioned parents and friends who ask “when are … Continue reading

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Should We Just adopt?

You have had dreams of growing a family with your partner but have had a few road blocks placed in the way.  If you have walked a path 0f infertility and have not had any success you may be wondering … Continue reading

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Communicating with Your Partner During Infertility

Here in NYC we all experience busy lives.  The hustle and bustle of getting to work, navigating the subway, and even buying groceries (and walking them up the five flights to your apartment) can be exhausing and overwhelming. Couples in … Continue reading

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When Infertility Treatment Is Not Working

The drugs, shots, and doctors visits – they have been going on for months and still no pregnancy.  You have hopes and dreams of starting and growing a family that seem to be lost in test tubes and syringes.  The … Continue reading

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Your Friend is Pregnant…You are Not

It does not matter how close of a friend she has been…your friendship may even date back to Kindergarten or it could be your closest cousin or your sister.  The fact is, she is pregnant and you are not.  Add … Continue reading

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When Your Friend is Pregnant…and you still are not

When you are walking a path of infertility, you are struggling with a myriad of emotions and feelings.  Of course there is anxiety around your constant question “why can’t I get pregnant?”  And that is usually accompanied by a constant … Continue reading

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