Couples Therapy

When a couple decides to seek help they have arrived at a point where they no longer have the tools to fix what has gone wrong in their relationship. Couples therapy is a time to explore the unique patterns you and your partner engage in and it focuses on uncovering hidden motivations and developing new methods of communication.

Fighting, growing apart, infidelity, sexual issues and poor communications skills are some of the reasons couples seek counseling and working together we can help clarify what is underneath the issues that both hinder and enhance your partnership.

​​We begin by trying to understand what is going on in your relationship – what is wrong and also what is right. Time is provided for both parties to talk about their understanding of what brought them to the point of needing therapy. We explore strengths and weaknesses, history and commitment, communication styles and comfort with discussing feelings and we talk about individual and shared goals for our work together.​

​People often think that couples therapy means they are on their way to a break up or divorce, or that their relationship is in serious trouble. I let couples know that taking the step to get help is a healthy way to heal a struggling relationship or find a respectful and kind way to foster change that may lead people in different directions. The goals are set by both partners and the results come from taking personal responsibility for how and who you are in your relationship.

​Couples therapy involves taking risks and the result of that risk taking is a deeper sense of trust and intimacy with your partner.

Sex!  Yes, it can be a problem once baby is born.  Men and women sometimes have difficult at this time and need a bit of guidance reestablishing a sexual relationship.  In this video I talk about the many different issues associated with this time in your life.