Infertility Support Group for Single Women

A diagnosis of infertility is a deeply shocking discovery about one’s body and it can have a profound effect on many aspects of one’s life. Each person deals with an infertility diagnosis differently and in order to cope, one needs support. This is especially true for single women who decide to proceed with a pregnancy outside of the convention of marriage or partnership and then on their own, have to come to terms with and decide how to proceed after learning about their infertility.

The choice to have a child without a partner has become more commonplace in today’s world and women who want to become mothers need not be in a relationship to have a child. Women continue to deal with the stigma of not being partnered or married, which can be seen as a failure of transitioning in to adulthood. The added pressure to self-actualize as a woman by becoming a mother is then experienced as a secondary loss of one’s womanhood and maturity as a result of an infertility diagnosis.

There are many biological reasons for female infertility including age and undiscovered medical issues. Once diagnosed, a single woman must face the first challenge of deciding whether to proceed with assisted reproductive technology or not. There are many considerations in deciding what to do and having the opportunity to express one’s feelings of loss, fear, isolation, guilt and anger is an essential part of the process.

I invite you to join a support group with other women struggling with issues related to being single and infertile. In this group you will gain insight and knowledge and participate in a shared experience that will foster a sense of community. If you are interested in joining the group, please email me through the link below.

If you are interested, please contact Alisa for further details.