Insurance For Psychotherapy
My practice is strictly fee-for-service, as I am not on any insurance panels. I ask that patients pay my fee at each session and if your insurance allows out-of-network reimbursement I will provide a statement at the end of each month for claim submission. Insurance policies vary so I cannot guarantee that your insurance will cover my services

Advantages of Paying Privately
* Privacy: Insurance claims, in or out of network, require a psychiatric diagnosis, which will remain on your medical records. Once you file a claim, that information is available to all who process that claim. Insurance companies often limit the number of visits so your therapist will have to discuss your case with insurance employees in order to negotiate additional sessions.

* You are in control: You and your therapist determine the type of treatment you receive and how long your therapy should last.

* Focus is on you: Your therapist is not influenced by the challenges of submitting claims, spending time on the phone with insurance companies pursuing payments and additional treatment sessions.


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