Pre & Postpartum Therapy

For over seven years I was a post partum doula, working with clients in the privacy of their homes right after their babies were born. Entering a person’s home gave me a unique opportunity to get a broader understanding of circumstances affecting the changes that take place with a newborn. My work as a doula involved listening and counseling new mothers and fathers as they began parenting for the first time.​

The job of parenting begins with taking care of yourself. Your baby is a sponge, ready to soak up the emotional cues you present including anxiety and depression. The emotional environment you create is crucial to your baby’s emotional development and by addressing some of these troubling feelings, you can help your baby develop a more positive sense of self.

In my current practice, I focus on helping mothers and fathers after the birth of their baby. In the early days and weeks after child birth I make therapy home visits to provide new parents the opportunity to process this life changing event in the safety and privacy of their own space.

Many new mothers and fathers go through a challenging time after their baby is born and they may not realize that they need help coping. Some new parents experience stress after many attempts at trying to conceive or after miscarriage and the emotions that arise can be confusing, debilitating and difficult to process alone.

​​Some of the feelings that people experience when dealing with conception, loss and birth include:

  • Sadness
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Confusion
  • Inadequacy
  • Loss of motivation
  • No interest in sex

​These feelings are not unique to women as many new fathers are confused by their role as a parent. Unfortunately, far fewer men seek help during this challenging time. For both men and women, getting started on the right foot can better prepare you for the challenges of parenting, help you rediscover your relationship with your partner, enable you to effectively single-parent and help give your baby a healthy emotional start in life.

Baby Blues Vs. Depression:  With swinging hormone levels some women experience the baby blues.  Yes, even at this exciting time in their lives they can experience sadness.  In this video I explain an acceptable time frame for baby blues and how to seek help if you or someone you love is slipping into depression.


Parenting Without A Community
Parenting was meant to be done with the support of a community.  However, in today’s world, sometimes that is just not possible.  When families are separated from loved ones and friends parents get bogged down with little support around them.  This isolation can cause feelings of anxiety and depression.

Helping New Families
My years as a Doula provided me with a unique perspective on families when baby comes home.  Now, as a psychotherapist my niche is helping couples as they deal with new dynamics after a birth.

Sex and Relationships after Baby is Born
Sex is one very important cornerstone of any romantic relationship.  Some couples need help adjusting to changes after the birth including hormones, breastfeeding and of course dealing with exhaustion.

Depression In Dads
Men respond to the birth of their children many ways.  While there can be significant joy, there can also be anxiety and depression.  Added pressure, exhaustion, and sometimes not knowing exactly how to fit in with the new family structure can be difficult to navigate.