When an Infertility Doctor Should Refer

As an infertility doctor, you have a busy practice seeing patients, running tests, and attempting to determine why women and men can not conceive a child. Your office is a place to engage in the medical aspect of infertility while also dealing with patients who are going through intense emotional times.  During visits to your office you may be dealing with questions, tears, and emotional instability.  There is great care shown at infertility offices but you may not be set-up for long appointments working through complex emotional issues.

And this is how I can help your infertility patients.

In my New York City office I help women and men deal with the struggles of infertility. Through my academic training, years of experience as a doula, and continued education in my specialty, I have a unique way to help our patients through this rocky time.

Our patients need someone who not only shows compassion but has multiple options for working through issues.  I have many cognitive tools I can use with a client and skills to teach them so that can get a handle on their feelings.  Many times their fear and anxiety is adding to the pressure they already feel from external forces. I help them deal with their internal struggles as well as the question “when are you having a baby?”

Many individuals are in the process of trying to have a child on their own and it is important for that person to have a safe place to express all their concerns. When a couple is on this journey I encourage them to come for therapy together. I provide a safe and nurturing environment where couples can explore the stress on their relationship.  We work together so they can actually provide support to one another and build strength during this time.

Most importantly, I am available to consult with you keeping you advised of progress.  I know all too well that your work on the medical side can be greatly influenced by stress and anxiety.   You and I can provide a patient with a team approach to their medical and emotional struggles.

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