Dealing with Depression in the Summer

Great weather, lots of fun outside and so much to do. It seems as though most of your friends are at the beach…taking the train down to Belmar or hopping a ride out to Jones Beach and the Hamptons.  And all you want to do is sit inside.  How is this even possible?  Your friends and family are concerned…and you might be as well.

When you think you may be suffering from depression in the summer time – it’s a good idea to schedule a few therapy sessions to help you uncover what is making you feel so sad. Sometimes just talking about your feelings and collaborating with your therapist on what you can do to help yourself can bring about relief. Therapy can help you cope with your feelings and hopefully enable you to take part in enjoyable summer activities.

What can cause summer depression?  New schedules can certainly be a problem for someone who likes routine.  Your colleagues may be on vacation, children are home from school, or maybe your children are all off at summer camp and you really miss them!  The thought of spending time in a bathing suit might cause anxiety and depression for you.  You may have issues about money as summer activities can be more expensive.

All of these are feelings are normal.  The question is, how can you cope with your summer depression so that you don’t shut down during this time of year?

The best thing you can do for yourself is to schedule a therapy appointment. We can spend some time together working through what is holding you back from engaging in life.  As we work through your issues, we will develop the tools you can use to manage your emotions when life becomes stressful.

It may also be a good idea for you to do something you absolutely love that is outside of the house.  Visit a museum, a favorite restaurant, or take a walk through a park.  Getting out and about a bit can help you experience the world beyond what is going on inside your head and it may help ease some of your depression.

Lastly, practice self-care.  Attend a yoga class, get a massage, read a good book or spend some time relaxing and deep breathing.  Take time to sit with and acknowledge all that you are grateful for in your life.  Counter some of your negative thoughts with positive affirmations about what you currently have and are working toward in your life.

It is often hard to process summer depression because it just doesn’t seem like the right season to feel depressed – that seems to happen more in the winter when you are stuck inside.  But being sad during this time is completely normal.  The most important thing is to work through your issues so you can catch the depression early on before it becomes too overwhelming.

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