Finding a BabySitter in NYC

It is important for any couple to have date nights on a regular basis. Reconnecting as a couple and as adults will help with the stress of raising children. You can talk without the distraction of littles ones. The biggest problem parents face in making ‘date night’ occur is finding a babysitter they can trust.  Grandparents and other family members may be far away or unavailable. A service may offer prescreened options but still, having a stranger walk into your home and care for your children may be beyond your comfort level.

Here are three great options for finding a sitter in NYC:

  1. Trade time with a friend
    If you have children and a good friend has children you could trade babysitting hours.  You go out on Friday night and your friend comes to your home and cares for your children.  Then next night, weekend, or other date you go to your friend’s house and return the favor.  You get an experienced parent watching your children and someone you trust with your family.
  2. Just ask a friend
    If you are the first of your friends to have children you might not be able to return the favor with baby sitting hours, so just ask a friend to come over for a few hours.  While this may seem like an imposition to you, a friend may actually love the idea of helping you out.  How do you return the favor if your friend does not have children?  While cash may the answer it could also be awkward so send flowers, movie tickets or a restaurant gift certificate.
  3. Recommendations
    This can get a bit tricky because your friends may not easily part with names of babysitters.  Afterall, once a reliable and trustworthy babysitter is found you yourself may not want to part with the name for fear of someone else scooping them up!  If you have an honest conversation with your friend and explain that you really need assistance she may be willing ot share as long as you do not monopolize.
  4. Children of friends
    Remember babysitting when you were younger?  Teens today are still looking to make some extra spending money.  Ask your friends who have older children if they are ready to babysit!

When you are trying to find a babysitter start slow.  If you feel anxious, have the individual come over first to meet your children.  When going out with your partner for the first time with a new sitter make sure to stay close and limit your time to just a few hours.  As you and your children become more comfortable with the new sitter you will find that the time away with your partner will strengthen your relationship.

So many couples forget that it is important to ‘keep dating’ throughout their marriage, especially when they have younger children.  When you are raising young children, finding the time can be hard and finding a babysitter even harder.  It is very important for you and your partner to reconnect outside of your home and kids and it is an essential part of reclaiming and feeding your relationship!

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