5 Romantic Things to Do in NYC This Spring

Relationships need constant attention and maintenance, like anything else. Take time to do something together that both of you enjoy, away from the everyday pressures so you can focus on each other and create memories together.

While it’s important to do this at least weekly, even if it’s just a dinner out or a walk around the block, going out of your way to visit a new place or do something exciting and romantic together can really strengthen your relationship. Try to do that throughout the year, and what better time than in the spring, the season of new beginnings?

There’s so much to do and see and explore in New York City that I’ve created a list of suggestions to help you start thinking.

Exploring the City

There are numerous opportunities to explore New York; romance is what you make of it and for some it’s a couples massage and others it’s a quiet dinner for two. Excitement and romance create bonds in a couple’s relationship, so be sure to have a little of both.

Other wonderful ways to enjoy the scenery of New York are to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, enjoy the view from the Empire State Building, or visit the One World Observatory on the top of the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. And don’t miss the opportunity to visit Times Square at night.

Enjoying Nature

Even in the midst of New York City, there are many opportunities to enjoy nature in a romantic setting. A picnic in Central Park is a classic opportunity for romance, and you can even book a service to create a basket for you!

The High Line, built on the elevated platform of an abandoned freight line through west Manhattan, offers a unique opportunity to enjoy nature and relaxing activities in the midst of the cityscape. The New York Botanical Gardens are world renowned, and the Hayden Planetarium provides romantic night scenery. If you enjoy animals, the Bronx Zoo is the largest in the United States.

Taking in a Show

This is an iconic activity in New York City. Whether your tastes tend toward a jazz show, nightclubs, stand-up comedy, or a show on or off Broadway, you can find whatever you like here.

Dinner and Drinks

Dinner and a show is the classic romantic evening out. Cocktails before or after the show at a “speakeasy” or a rooftop bar will make the evening complete.

History and the Arts

New York was the entry point for most of the immigrants of the 19th century. Both a visit to the Statue of Liberty and a ferry tour around it are popular activities. The Cloisters is a museum full of medieval art and architecture, which is very interesting since it’s a time period the U.S. did not experience.

NYC also has some of the finest arts in the world. For performing arts, the Lincoln Center is the home of the Metropolitan Opera House and the New York City Ballet. The Socrates Sculpture Park in Astoria, Queens, is a free outdoor strolling park where sculptors of all styles exhibit their work. And don’t forget the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which houses one of the most impressive collections of art in the world.

What to do?

With so many possibilities, there are sure to be a few things you will both enjoy. If you each have different preferences, why not pick two things? If one of you prefers the great outdoors and another prefers the nightlife, go to the gardens in the day and end with a show. That makes the day memorable for you both, and you will be strengthening your bond because compromise and collaboration are important aspects of every healthy relationship. Most importantly, have fun!

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