Do I Need Therapy?

In recent years the idea of therapy has gained significant credibility.  What was once hidden due to a negative stigma, is now rather mainstream due to the significant successes that people now talk about in everyday life.  The results of therapy depend on a person’s particular situation but often include the ability to handle life’s challenges better than before. Therapy provides you with the tools you can use to manage problems that used to feel unsurmountable.

I have helped my clients through radical transformations in both their personal and professional lives.  Sometimes this includes decreased anxiety and depression, a better relationship with their spouse, and/or better interactions at work.  Whatever issue you are dealing with, committing to even just a few visits with a therapist can help.

Most individuals start down the path to therapy asking, “Do I need therapy?” Or another common question is “Can therapy really help me?”  Most of the time, if you are asking the question, you already know that the answer is yes.

If you are looking for some guidance or a list of criteria to help make your decision, here are some common signs that therapy can help you thrive in life:  

  1. You are stuck in your job or feel blasé about life.  
  2. You have uncomfortable anxiety that is causing you to avoid certain situations.
  3. Depression is having a negative impact on your life.
  4. You are struggling with infertility.
  5. You and your spouse are not getting along at all.
  6. You are going through, or just went through, a hard time.

We can work closely together out of my NYC office, and tease out the issues that are causing problems.  Often breaking them down into small pieces helps you see a more manageable process and allows you to move forward.

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